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normal blood pressure and high blood pressure
120/80 and 140/90
total cholesterol should be
under 200; hdl above 40 and ldl under 100
risks for developing heart diesease
smoking, no excecise, obesity, hypertension
good cholesterold
fights heart diesease by blocking bad cholesterol build-up
smoking's effects on health
heat diesease, cancer, resp. diesease, gum diesease
alcohol abuses' effects on health
liver diesease, cancer, brain damage, cardiovascular diesease
when bone sbecome porus and soft, easy to injure because of lack of vitamens, minerals and nutrients
why the increase in life expectancy
decilns in stroke, heart diesease, cancer and accidents
what is the difference between bmi and body comp
bmi is total weight over height; body comp takes into acount fat and lean tissue (waiste-to-hip ratio)
beer equal wine equals etc.
12 oz beer (5%) is
4 oz wine (12) is
2.5 oz (20) is
1 oz shot (50)
medication that affects birth control pills
birth control protects against stis
condoms, female ones
when do women ovulate
how often for testicular exams
once a month after warm shower baby
what is cardovascular fitness and how do you achieve this wonderful gift of life
abilti of body to sustain prolonged rhythmic activity; achieved through great aeorobic activity
most fatal motor vehicle crashes are caused by
drunk driving
how do you protect yourself from colds and flu
rest, fluids, warmth; wash hands, aerobic activity, eating well
folic acid is and why you need it
vitamin b (form of); found in vitamin supps. and fortified foods; keeps at bay cardio. diesease and breast cancer
which body fluids trasmit hiv and which dont
semen, vag., blood and breast milk do; salavia doesnt
good ways to get more fruits and veggies in diet
use as snakc, darily double, add to salades, rainbow of veggies, use frozen ifnoe fresh, use veggies for dipping
how is hiv transmitted and what behaviors are not likely to transmit
DO: multiple partners, anal, injection drugs
DONT: deep kissing, drinking from water fountain, toilet
long term effects of marijuana use
brain damage, bronchitis, emphaysema, heart attacks, low birth weights
healthy sources of protein
meat, fish, poultry, dariy, grains, beans, nuts
iron deficiency (anemia)
form of anemia from lack of dietary iron, essential conponent of hemogloban that carries oxy
good sources of calcium
milk, small fish, tofu, greens, legumes
should you douche
not even if youre male
health problems caused by camage to ozone
skin cancer, lung damage, breathing problems
health consequnces of second-hand smoke
lung cancer, heart diesease, cancer
strategies to stay hydrated
drink 64oz before exertion, if hot and humid every 15 mins have small servings
effective ways to gain strength
few repetiions with high load; maintain proper breathing
complex carbs
cereals, veggies, beans, nuts, whole grains; reduce heart diesease
water and fat soluble vitamins
WATER: B, C FOLATE FAT: A, D, E; both put nutrients to use
plant foods (legumes, seeds, hulls); slow emptying of stomach, abrsorb fat and cholesterol
health consequences of having excess insulin in blood
benefits from eating more whole grains instead of refined
reduces heart diesease and cancer risks
best oils to use
olive, soybean, canola, cottonseed, vegetable
dieseas causing organism
you need to use this with a diaphram
what are vital signs
temp, blood pressure, pulse, respitory rate
essential nutrients
fat, water, protein, carbs, vitamiins and minerals; provide energy; bulid and repari tissue
depo-provera how often for shot
12 weeks
hormone based contraceptives
nuvarings; contraceptive injectibles; implants; oral
non-hormone based contraceptives
barriers, diaphram, cervical cap
surgery to end reproductive capability; vesictomy and tubal ligation
behaviors linked to low birth weights
age, nutition, substance abuse; causes: lower intelligence, down syndrome
what is male sex hormone
male anatomy
penis, scrotum, testes, sperm, epididymis, vasdeferins, urethera, seminal vesicules (join with VAS to form ejac. duct)
ovaries produce this hormone
estrogene (progesterone)
femal anatomy
ovaries, uterus, vagina, cervix, clitorius, labia, urethra
what age doe female fertility peak
who has abortions
single women, ethic minorites, low-income women, women with at least 1 child
emergency contraception
method of contra. to prevent preg. after unprotected sex or contra. failure; safe
complete cessation of ovulation and menstration for a full year
where are immature sperm stored
saftey for internet
be careful what you type; dont give otu personal info; dont date in office; no way to affirm info; make it double-dating etc.
mature love
combination of sexual excitement, tenderness, comittment, overriding passion
warning signs tha tyou are not read to marry
are you sure you love me; most time spent arguing; both under 20; partner has behaviros you hope will change after marriage; partner wants you to stop seeing friends, quit job, or diminish self-satisfaction