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What is bacteria?
one-celled living things
What is a virus?
a tiny particle that can reproduce only inside a living cell
What do white blood cells do?
they are cells in the blood that fight bacteria and viruses
What is an antibody?
a chemical made by the immune system to fight a particular disease.
What is immunity ?
the body's ability to fight disease caused by germs.
What is a vaccine?
a medicine that causes the body to form antibodies against a certain disease
What is the epidermis?
the outer layer of skin
What is melanin
A substance that gives the skin color
What is a gland?
a part of the body that makes substances the body needs
What is the dermis?
the layer of skin just below the epidermis
What are nerve cells?
cells that carry messages to and from all parts of the body
What is a pore?
a tiny opening in the skin