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We have made progress in reducing the incidence of some forms of infectious disease, but other infectious conditions are becoming more common.
A variety of pathogenic agents are responsible for infectious ______
A chain of infection with __ potential links characterizes EVERY infectious conditions
Most infectious conditions progess through __ distinct stages
One can acquire immunity for some diseases through both _____ and _____ means. children should be immunized according to a schedule
natural and artificial
The immune system's response to infection relies on _____ and ______ elements
cellular and humoral
The common cold and influenza produce many similar ______ but differ in their infectious agents, incubation stage, prevention, and treatment.
_____ and ______ are potentially fatal infections of the respiratory system
tuberculosis and pneumonia
_____ and _____ are infections that produce chronic tiredness
mononucleosis and chronic fatigue syndrome
_____, and potentially fatal infection of the lining of the brain, is of increasing concern on ___ campuses
Bacterial menigitis

a bacterial infection contracted thorugh outdoor activities
lyme disease
Caused by a virus carried by deer mice; humun-to-human transmission has been also reported.
Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
Newly arrived in this country, ______ is a vector-borne infection that is now widely distributed in the US
West Nile Virus
A bacterial infection generally arsing from the improper use of tampons
Toxic Shock Syndrome
_____ (______) is a bloodborne infectious condition that produces serious liver damage Other varities are ___ A, C, D, and E
Hepatisis B (serum hapatitis)
A potentially fatal respiratory infection that reached the North America and Asia
A widespread incurable viral disease transmitted through sexual activity, thorugh intravenous drug use, in infected blood products, or across the placenta during pregnancy
The definite diagnosis of AIDS can be based on ____ or ___
presense of specific conditions or reduced # of helper T Cells
HIV and AIDS are currently best treated with a drug cocktail:
using protease inhibitors and reverse-transcriptase inhibitors

three new categories of antiviral medications

an effective vaccine for prevention has not been developed.
Concerns are rising regarding the unchecked spread of HIV/AIDS in ____ and ___
Asia and Africa
Ther are a variety of _____, many of which do not produce symptoms in omost infected women and many infected men
sexually transmitted diseases
_____ can reduce the risk of contracting STDs
Safe Sex Practices