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Long-term heavy alcohol abuse can ____ brain cell lose
Long-term heavy alcohol abuse can cause impaired _____ and ____
bran and nerve function
Long-term heavy alcohol abuse can often cause the brain to develop abnormal structures like _____
deep, wide grooves
Cancer of the ____ is one possible outcome of long-term alcohol abuse.
Why is cancer more likely the this area for the question above?
alcohol is toxic to the cells lining te esophagus
Massive doses of alcohol can lead to high _____ and ___ tissue formation in the heart muscle
blood pressure
Massive doses of alcohol can lead to ______ causing the heart to become twice its normal size, which may lead to ______
fat infiltration

death from heart failure
The main organ responsible for metabolizing alcohol
Heaving drinking will eventually causes ____ or ______in the liver, which can lead to ___
liver failure and death
Alcohol is toxic to stomach cells nad can lead to _____ (____) with pain and bleeding
inflammation of the stomach (gastrisis)
Fluid produced by the diseased liver many fill the abdomen