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What is the definition of health.
state of well being balance or quality, positive element
What is the WHO definition of health?
a state of complete physical, mental and emothional well-being and not merely the absence of disease.
What are the 5 dimensions of Health?
Physical, Emotional, Scocial, Mental, Spiritual
What are 6 risk behaviors that influence our health?
Drug and alcohol abuse, Sexual behavior(pegnancy,HIV, STD's)Tobacco use, high fat and high calories, lack of physical activity, behavior that results in injury
What are the major factors infuencing Health and how much control do we have over them?
Heredity, Environment, Health Care Services, Behavior,
What is a predisposing factor in behavior?
existed before the behavior occured, attitudes, beliefs knowledge, demographics. provide rational for the behavior
What are enabling factors?
present before behavior occurs, allows behavior to continue to be carried out, "everybody's a part" do not value warnings, role models, pleasure from activity
What are reinforcing factors?
appears AFTER the behavior occurs, encourages repetition, or abandonment of issue, includes family, friends"good feeling"
What is Wellness?
quality of life, includes physical, mental-emotional, family-social and spiritual health, well being to premature death
What is Optimal Health?
Highest level of health possible under current set of environmental conditions and capacity of individual, includes, physical, social, mental, emotional, spiritual
What are the 2 goals of Healthy People 2010?
1. increase quality and years of healthy life for all U.S. Citizens. 2. Eliminate health disputes among US citizens
What was the Healthy People 2010 derived from?
The Lalonde report
What is the Triad of Health Promotion?
Prevention, Protection, Health Education
What is Primary Prevention?
promote health and illness prevention, immunization, pregnancy prevention, seat belts, std education
What is Secondary Prevention?
restore health when one becomes ill, screenings, early detection, limits disease, mamogram, paptest, BP, early tx
What is tertiary prevention?
maintain health while coping with chronic illness, long-term conditions, PT, meds, surgery
Which level does our governmen/society aim at most?
What is the definition of Health education?
a planned process, combining a variety of experiences to facilitate voluntary adaptations or behavior conducive to health
What is Health protection?
legal controls, policies and voluntary codes of practice to enhance health and prevent illness
What is empowerment?(general)
What is empowerment for individual?
people taking control of their own lives in context of their social and political environment.(multilevel construct) Individual-self efficacy, hardiness, self esteem
What are the themes in health promotion?
empowerment,ecological prospective,Community organization, Individual behavior, Official recognition
What is self-effacacy?
perception. skills
What is the framework for Health Promotion, provided by the Canadian government called?
The Epp report
What does Hardiness mean?
an optimistic approach to life, viewing problems as challenges that can be handled
What are some determinants of health?
knowledge, self-concept, peer pressure, educational level, econmic conditions, cultural values, personal values, family models
What are the types of interventions to promote health stratagies?
Educational, organizational, community and social, economic interventions
CHAPTER 3 What holds Health education together?(check this answer)
skill development, value awareness, concept and info acquisition, application, opinion, development of discussion, decison making, must have attractiveness, and power and address the culture
What are some of the barriers for Health Education?
Anyone can teach, accountability movement, Inadequate professional preparation, lack of certification, enchroachment of other disciplines
What does the accountability movement mean?
the concept that educators and institutions are answerable for what their clients learn
What is the definition of philosophy?
statement summarizing an individual's or group's attitudes, beliefs, values, principles, and state of mind
What are the 5 Health ed. philosophies?
behavior change, cognitive based, decision making, freeing/functioning, electic see pg 52
What are the seven responsibilities of Health Educators?
1.Assess needs, 2. Plan Ed strategies, 3. conduct evaluation and research, 4.Administer strategies, Interventions, and programs, 6. serve as a resource person 7. communicate and advocate for health & health ed
What is a CHES, where did it come from why have it?
an individual who has met required health education, passed a competency-based exam and satisfies continuing ed. 1990 came from the National Comission on Health Education Credentialing
What is the definition of Health Ed as a common theme?
it is a process not a product, it is a series of planned activities directed towards goals, goal to effect the way people feel, think and act regarding their heath
What is the origin of Health Ed?
in the schools founded by the Child Health Organization (CHO)1919
CHAPTER 4, Describe the Pre Modern Era
Native American passed info from generation to generation.
Europeans brought disease
community health only in crisis. birth and death records, Harvard college 1st institution of higher learning, gorst elementaary and high schools,
Describe the Pre-Industrial Era:
plaques, physicians medicine like that of ancient Greeks, 1st professional prep book, William Alcott "FATHER OF HEALTH EDUCATION", Mass. first state to require physiolgy, schools scene of much improved health,
What were the 2 reports of great significance that led to the Modern era of Health?
1. Report on the inquiry into the Sanitation condition of the Laboring Population in Great Britian(Chadwick) 1/2 children of working class died before age 5
2. The report of the Sanitary Commission Of Mass.
What are the 5 stages that the MODERN ERA OF HEALTH?
1. Miasma Phase
2. Bacteriolgy Phase
3. Health Resource Phase
4. Social Engineering Phase
5. Health Promotion Phase
Describe the Miasma theory:
noxious vapors
Describe the Bacteriology phase:
-specific organisims caused specific diseases
-physical ed movement
-era of medical inspection
-modern health crusade of Tuberculosis
-open air class rooms
Describe the Health Resources Phase:
-new field of Health Ed
-social reform(WW2 examinations_
-idea of individual responsibility
-led to enactment oflaws concerning health and physical ed in schools
-research studies, national confrences, presidents council on physical fitness
Describe the Social Engineering Phase:
equal access, health ed and concept approach, medical cost containment, comprehensive ed,
Describe the Health Promotion Phase(1975-present):
Society for Public ed., Ground work for Health ed, Ground work for health promotion, Foundations for Health ed,Education reform, Professional Health Ed. credentialing
What is the role of the Delineation project and how does it relate to the CHES?
formed as national task force on the Prep and Practice of Health Ed and was charged with a credentialing system
What year was the first CHES awarded?
What are the benefits of the internet for Health Ed's?
be more effective with less resources, keep up with rapid increase in new info , access discussion groups and professional list servs, can be used to help with most of the 7 responsibility areas
How can the internet help to asess needs?
databases, data sources(CDC)
How does the internet help to plan programs?
locate and utilize existing materials, lesson plans, media tools, fact sheets, brochures, PSA, interactive programs(blood alcohol educator)
What might be a barrier to using the Internet?
cost, target population lacks knowledge of use, quality and accuracy of website
What are the best ways to evaluate Websites?
know reliable websites and use their links, use search engines, look for scope, accuracy, authority currency, purpose, desigh