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What is dysrhythmias?
A cardiac disorder where cardiac rhythms are irregular
Name 2 examples of dysrhythmias:
bradydysrhythmia (slow)
tachydysrhythmia (fast)
What are some caridac disorder symptoms (5)?
decreased strength
decreased endurance
joint and MS pain
impaired func in areas of occ
Name 2 pulmonary disorders:
cystic fibrosis (involves: pancreas, resp sys, sweat glands)
asthma (reactive disease)
Name 2 hematologic disorders:
Sickle Cell
Give 2 examples of congenital musculoskeletal disorders:
anchondroplasia (dwarfism)
Congenital hip dysplasia
Give 2 examples of acquired musculoskeletal disorders:
SOFT TISSUE INJ: contusion, crush wound, dislocation, sprain
FRACTURES: open or closed
Give an examples of neuromuscular disorders:
TBI: closed head inj (CHI) OR HEAD INJ (HI)
What is damaged in TBI and what are the results to func:
CNS is damaged;
motor, cog, and emotional changes
When do developmental disorders occur and in what form?
mental or physical disorders that occur before adulthood
What is a pervasive developmental disorder? How is it generally termed?
PDD: Progressive Developmental Disorder
What disorders are incl in PDD?
Autism, Rett syndrome, Asperger, ADHD, DCD
What does DCD stand for?
Developmental Coordination Disorder
What is DCD?
Child's motor coordination is markedly below their chronoligical age and intelluctual ability and interferes w/ADLS
What CANNOT contribute to DCD DX?
DCD cannot result from physical, sensory or neurological impairments; and PDD criteria CANNOT exist
Name 3 genetic/chromosomal disorders and some characteristics:
Fragile X (elongated face, hypermobile, flat feet)
Cri Du Chat Syndrome (microencephaly, widely spaced eyes, cardiopul ab, FTT)
Prader-Willi Syndrome (MR, overeating, self mutilation)
Name 2 neoplastic disorders:
Leukemia (bone marrow)
Tumors of CNS
Bone Cancer and Tumors (typically matastisize from primary tumor in a diff body structure)
What are the 4 ways a burn can occur?
(other ped hlth cond)
thermal (most common)
What are the three degress of a burn?
superficial (1st degree epidermis)
partial thickness (2nd degree to the dermis)
deep thickness(3/4th degree to the hypodermis
What are the 3 leading reasons for Obesity?
(other ped hlth cond)
over eating
inadequate/or no exercise
eating disorder