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Name the 6 dimensions of wellness
Physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, environmental
Leading causes of death
Heart disease, cancer, accidents, homicide, suicide, AIDS
Muscle strength
AMount of force one can produce with a single max. effort
Ability of muscle to remain contracted
Requiring oxygen
Not requiring oxygen
FITT Principle
Motor Units
A group of muscle fibers recruited to exert force
Adverse effects of supplements
Roid rage, cancer ect
Eating disorder: Baraphobia
Parent don't feed child
Body mass index
weight in kg's over height in cm's
diet and eating habits
calories- choose appropriate intake for energy used
portion control
choose foods that fill you up but have few calories
eat fat in moderation
limit carbs and sugars
meat intake should be around 30%
a chemical process that breaks down fat and turns it into energy
what is resting metabolic rate(RMR)

RMR is higher in who
energy required to maintain vital body function

men, people w/ more muscle, people who exercise
what does eating certain foods do to metabolism
eating things high in protein builds muscle which boosts metabolism therefore you lose weight. Eating things high in carbs gives you energy to workout which increases your metabolism.
immediate energy system
it is for max effort but for only 5 to 10 sec.
oxidative energy system
used when resting and in low-intensity exercise usually long in duration and uses slow twitch muscles
nonoxidative energy system
used in high intensity exercise for longer periods of time
max heart rate
target heart rate
%of effort times max heart rate equals beats per min.
left side of heart
right side of heart
What are nat. health goals
Goal 1 increase qaulity and yrs of healthy life
Goal 2 Eliminate health disparities
Avg. healthy and impaired life
Healthy= 66yrs
Impaired= 12yrs
% of adults that do not engage in proper amount of excercise
What % over recommended weight is considered over weight/obese
10-20% is overweight over 20% is obese