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unlawful threat attack on a person with the intent to harm or kill
Date Rape
Someone that you are dating that takes advantage of you
Acquaintance Rape
Someone you know
One person forces another to have sexual relations....this usually occurs by someone you know
Statutory Rape
Rape of a minor. Even if minor gives "permission"
someone who is keeps following,harassing, or threatening someone
is the threatened or actual use of physical force or power to harm another person or to damage property
Body Language
is a key self-defense strategy that can help you from becoming a victim of violence
Sexual Harassment
Is uninvited and unwelcome sexual conduct directed at another person
the willful killing of one human being by another
Sexual Violence
any form of unwelcome sexual conduct directed at an individual, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape
Sexual Assault
any intentional sexual attack against another person
Verbal Abuse
Using words to mistreat or injure another person
is the physical, mental/emotional, or sexual mistreatment of one person by another
Physical Abuse
this intentional infliction of bodily harm or injury of another person
Date Rape Drugs
research shows that nearly 2/3 of date rape cases involves alcohol
Rohypnol (date rape)
Has become a popular drug also known as the "date rape drug". It can cause victims to black out causing them to become easy targets for rape