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The body's physical need for food is called
How are one's eating habits governed?
by your appetite or desire to eat specific foods
Five influential factors of our food choices are?
culture, family and friends, advertising, time and money, emotions
The tool for disease prevention
proper nutrition
Chief source of nutrients
substances in food your body needs to function such as growing, repairing tissue, provide energy
Reasons by we eat
physical need (hunger) and desire to eat (appetite) and emotional or psychological reasons
Basic needs of life
food, water, air
Functions of hunger
to protect the body from starvation
Process on'e stomach goes through when hungry
walls contract
nerve endings are stimulated
nerves signal brain
Three things that influence one's desire for food
behavior, environment, emotions
two components concerning hunger
physical need for food
psychological need to feel full and satisfied ????
Four aspects concerning one's environment as it relates to hunger?
stage of growth..adolescents grow faster and need more available for food, culture deciding which foods, where you live in the world and food available
PErcent of children malnourished in the United States on an average?
lack of the proper foods needed for the body to function
Purpose of any type of advertisement
To sell a product by making people believe that need it or desire it
Reasons why people overeat
People can't tell the difference between hunger and desire. Eat past the point of feeeling fulll because their appetite continues after their hunger is satisfied
Emotions affect eating habits how
Depression, stress, frustration all can lead to eating because it relieves tension and boredom
Healthful eating can help resude the possibility of chronic diseases. # major diseases associated with this and 3 items one should get rid of in their diet.
High blood pressure- reduce salt in diet
High cholesterol-reduce fats in diet
Obesity-reduce fats and carbohydrates in diet
Biggest problem with food and a person's rationale for eating it?
Overeating food you like and not eating what you should. People say it is ok because they cut in other areas, but the diet is not balanced
Two items usually stimulate one's appetite for food
Smell of food cooking,
Eating to be sociable???
Who spends most on advertising?
Those selling desserts, snacks, and soft drinks are 62% of teh advertising
How does your body react as a whole when you get the nutrients you need on a regular basis?
Full of energy, healthy, heals rapidly, disease free
transition from childhood to adulthood
Fastest growing period of one's life?
First years on one's life and then early adolescence
nutrients that become electrically charged when in a solution
inorganic(not living) substances the body cannot manufacture, but that act a catalysts (helping) regulating many vital (important) body processes
Restoring lost body fluids
Importance of water
Water is vital (important) to EVERY body function. Carries nutrients to cells
transports wastes from cells
lubricates your joints
lubrictes mucous membranes
allows you to swallow and digest food
absorb nutrients
eliminates wastes
How much water should you drink every day/
6-8 cups a day
HOw much water is in fruit, vegetables or milk?
Food, vegetables and milk are 75% water
What two things are nutrient dense foods high in?
high in proteins and other nutrients and produce high energy
When are electrolytes balanced?
Electolytes are balanced when the intake of electrolytes and water equal the loss through perspiration and body wastes
What is the best liquid one should use to replenish one's fluid loss?
How many pounds should one lose weekly if their goal is to lose weight?
one half to one pound per week
What should a person do to gain weight?
eat healthy foods high in complex carbohyrates and calories
Simple sugars and their sources
Simple sugars: glucose is found in carbohydrates after they are broken down such as fruits (fructose), milk (lactose),( grains (maltose), table sugar (sucrose).
Lacto-ovo vegetarians
People who don't eat meat, fish, or poultry, but drink milk (dairy products) and eat eggs.
Carbohydrate loading
Storing extra glyocen in muscle before strenuous exercise by eating a high carbohydrate diet
eating only food made from plants
Nutrient supplement
pills, powders, liquids or other nonfood forms of nutrients
Mega Doese
Very large doses of nutrient supplements
Only groups that should use nutrient supplements
elderly people, pregnant women
Three nutrients needed by a woman during pregnancy
iron, calcium folic acid
People over 60 years of age need which vitamins more?
Vitamin D and Vitamin B-6
If too much vitamins A,D,E & K are taken how do they react in the body? outside the body?
They become toxic inside the body and can cause liver damage and headaches the person may suffer hair loss and blurred vision(outside the body)
The key to nutrition
eating a balanced diet according to the recommended dietary allowances (RDA)
What are the visual effects of vitamin C on the body?
Vitamin C strong and healthy teeth and gums, healed wounds