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a key aspect of the physiological underpining of the no obligation position
physians ought to be free to select their patients
alternative healers often have asked for
the right to practice without attak from organized medicine
as applied to medical matters, privazy largely refers to this
control that an individual has over informaion about himself or herself
cannot be developed in breifm abbreviated segments of time
genuine theraputic communication
has been firlmy rooted in codes of medical ethics
the principle of confidentialy
involve more talking and more touching
most of the alterniative healing practices
involves an extensive and interdependent network of personnel
the delivery of helath care services
perhaps the firmest principle on which to base an obligation to treat
the inherent nature of the profession of medicine
perhaps the most important ethical oreintation of physians relative to patient care
wheter priority is given to a patient autonomy or beneficence
talcott parsons viewed the physian patient relationship as this
a subsystem of the larger social system
the informed consent requirment is this
a key mechanism to protect patient autonomy
was referred to as orthodox or convential medicine
the scientific medicin paradigm
when applied to individuals autonomy refers to this
the concept if self determination
where the idea of privledged communications comes from
legal systems which operates on the basis of testimonial compulsion
when applied to individuals autonomy refers to this
the concept if self determination