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Health Behavior
-any activity undertaken by someone who believes themselve to be healthy for preventing disease or detecting it in an asymptomatic stage
Health belief model
-attempts to explain health behavior and or adherence
-a person's state of readiness to take action and engage in health related behaviors, relative to a particular health condition, is a fn of several factors
Why is the health belief model helpful?
-useful in predicting health behavior before illness
-useful in predicting health behavior during an illness
What factors can help inc adherence?
-changes in therapeutic regimen
-enhancing patient-physician relationship
What changes can we make to a health regimen that can help modify the patient's health behavior?
-maximizing reward
-minimizing cost
-instilling personal responsibility in the patient
Transtheoretical model of stages of change
-change of a behavior does not happen after one try
-change requires movement thru discrete motivational stages over time
What are the 5 stages in the transtheoretical model?
1. precontemplation
2. contemplation
3. preparation
4. action
5. maintenance
-not planning to change in the next 6 mo
-intending to change in the next 6 mo
-actively planning change and experimenting with limited action
-actually making overt changes but less than 6 mo of success
-sustaining change over time and taking steps to resist relapse
What behavior patterns can inc risk for CHD?
-type A personality
What can we do to help a type A person limit their risk for CHD?
-progressive muscle relaxation therapy
-rational emotive therapy
-stress innoculation
-problem solving skills training
What types of interventions are available for smokers?
-nicotine replacement therapy
-social support
-skills training/problem solving
What type of behavior is strongly associated with contracting HIV?
-high risk taking behavior
What methods are available to limit the risk for HIV in individuals who exhibit high risk behavior?
-providing behaviorally specific risk education
-enhancing threat sensitization
-skills training (condom use, etc)