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a hollow, muscular organ located between the ovaries and behind the urinary bladder, in which a fertilized egg grows and develop
the discharge of blood and tissue from the uterus
an incurable viral STD that produces painful blisters around the genital areas
genital herpes
a bacterial STD that infects the urinary tract of males and females and the reproductive organs of females
one of a group of psychoactive drugs taht alter perception, thought, and mood
an illegal psyhoactive drug made from parts of the indian hemp plant; it is one of the most aused psycho. drug
an organism that causes diseas
warts in the genital area that are caused by the human papilloma virus
gential warts
any chemical that causes changes in a person's body or behavior
the improper use of drugs
drug misuse
the male organ through which sperm and urine leave the body
small, single-celled organisms that can live almost anywhere
the practice of not having sexual intercourse until a person is ready to commit
the practice by which both partners in a caring, commited relationship agree to have sex with only each other
kills pathogens directly
killer t cells
produce substances that regulate the activities of other cells of the immune system
helper t cells
the joining of a sperm with an egg; conception
produce substances called antibodies
b cells
a serious bacterial STD that progresses through several stages
a white blood cell that "eats up" foreign cells
a liquid that conains sperm as well as fluids provided by the seminal vesicles, cowper's gland, and prostate gland
a medicine that can be purchased legally without a prescription
over-the-counter drug
a medicine that can be obtained only through a written prescription from a physician and can be purchased only at a pharmacy
prescription drug
what a drug does to the body
drug action
any depressant drug made from or chemically similar to opium
a drug that speeds up the activities of the central nervous systme, the heart, and other organs
the passage leading from the cervix to the outside of the body; also known as the birth canal
the release of one or more eggs from an ovary
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
a protein that attaches to the surface of pathogens or to the toxins produced by them; the binding action may keep the pathogen from harming the body
the internal system that protects the body from disease by recognizing and destroying pathogens
immune system
a person who is diagnosed as being infected with human immunodeficiency virus
one of two narrow tubes through which eggs pass from the ovaries to the uterus
fallopian tubes
a hollow, muscular organ located between the ovaries and behind the urinary bladder, in which a fertilized egg grows and evelop
a J-shaped tube located on the back of each testis, in which sperm are stored for two or four days after they are formed
the external sac of skin in which the testes are located
a drug that slows the activity of the central nervous system
the process of removing all of an abused substance from a person's body
a drug sometimes used as a substitute for heroin in treatment for drug abuse
the strongest known hallucinogen
a highly addictive, powerful stimulant drug
a narcotic drug obtained from the seed pod of a poppy plant
one of a group of powerful stimulants that are made artificially
an interaction that occurs when drugs are taken together and each drug's effect is canceled out or reduced by the action of the other
antagonistic interaction
the physical and mental response to a drug's action
drug effect
a chemical that is forbidden by law
illegal drugs
the smallest type of pathogen
the reduced ability to have children
in males, a gland located near the bladder that provides 30 percent of the fluid semen
prostate gland
in males, a pair of glands located at the base of the penis that provides percent of the fluid to semen
cowper's gland
in males, a pair of glands located near the bladder that provide 60 percent of fluid to semen
seminal vesicles
the tube that passes from one bladder to the outside of the body, through which urine and in males semen travels
one of two tubes tha carry sperm from epididymis to the uretha
vas deferens
a chemical that affects the activity of brain cells to allter perception, thought, mood. etc
psychoactive drug
an usually high occurence of a disease in a certain place during a certain period
a bacterial STD with symptoms similiar to primary syphilis that causes sores around the genitals
the narrow base, or outer end, of the uterus
any of a group of synthetic drugs that resmeble the male hormone testoterone
anabolic steroids
any drugs that is breathed in through the nose
a narcotic compound derived from opium