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check scene then victim, life threatening conditions=check pulse, breathing, severe bleeding, unconsciousness
-call 911=location, condition, how many people, what happened
care for victim
emergency steps
who you are
level of training
what you intend to do
=implied consent
permission of victim
if you are doing something to save a life, you may not be sued, provided that its not beyond our level of training
good samaritin law
conditions=touch, cough, biting
-injured/ill person infected with disease
-exposure to infected person
-sufficient quantity of pathogen to cause disease
-airborne, body fluid-borne
disease transmission
eyes + mouth=mucous membranes
-breaks in the skin
wash hands, cover mouth
-use effective barrier (gloves)
prevent disease transmission
can't breath
covering one or more body parts
head, neck, hands, feet, genitals
deep burns for people over sixty or under five
chemical/electrical explosions
when to call 911
re-occuring pattern that is present in all mishaps
accident chain