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vital organs dont get oxygen rich blood,body cells are deprived of oxygen
-everything slows down
sever injury
sudden illness
causes of shock
-body tries to maintain adequate amount of blood flow
-arms and legs become cold
-vessels change size to keep blood flowing
effects of shock
-injury related
types of shock
allergic reaction from food,bug bite,drugs

causes swollen airway
occurs w/ heart attack
-lack of blood to heart

heart doesnt effectively circulate blood
-caused by sever bleeding and loss of blood plasms
-sever fluid loss
-internal/external wounds
-low blood volume
hypovolemic and injury-related

-restless neck movement
-rapid breathing
-rapid/weak pulse
-check life threatening injuries
-check other injuries
-provide care
-call 911

contol breathing,monitor airway,circulation,help victim feel comfortable
care for shock
control bleeding,lie victim down,elevate legs 1ft off ground,dont give food/drink
more help
-lie on back w/ feet elevated
-keep person warm and comfortable(1 blanket)-too many makes person hot and draws blood away from organs
-turn head to side
(skin will be cold,moise,blue around lips
shock position
happens mostly from dehydration and allergies
shock in kids
where is blood sent 1st when shock occurs
all systems
which system is affected