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sexually transmitted infections
STI- any pathogen that spreads from one person to another during sexual contact
thier are 19 million new cases of sti's in the united state each year
over three million occur in people under age 20
10 billion dolares
risky behavior and the sti epidemic
ignoring risks of sexual activity- not using a condom or thinking it cant happen to me, having sex with multiple people- the more people you sleep with the greater chance of getting them, not getting propper treatment- sti's may have no symptoms and so people may not seek tratment or ay feel embarrased
chlamydia- sti that is increasing in young people
harmful effects of sti's
harmful physically and mentally
ma casue pain, discomfort, and emotional suffering, increased risk of cancer, an increased risk o infertility, many can be treated with medicin and some may be fatal, a person can be cured and tehn reinfeted and you cant develope immunity
practice absinence
practice abstinence-
manly spread through sexuall contact no oral sex or anal sex tenns should be tested if they have had sex
avoid drugs
avoding drugs- can be transmitted through blood-blood contact
body piercings and tatoos
choosing responsible friends
have good friends so that you choose responsible actions
parenst teachers can support for healthy behavior
most adults can offer good advice
going out in groups makes it easier to choose abstinence
cause by a protazoan that infects urinary tract or vagina
in males ysmptoma are- painfule urination, clear discharge, and itching
females- itching, burning, yellow discharge and pain
can treat it
inflamation mostly caused by infections and trichomiasis
untreated trichomoniasis which is a vaginal infetion or irratation
human papilloma virus
most common viral STI in the united states
HPV causes no symtoms so people may not be aware that they are infeced
can casue genital warts which may itch or burn a doctor can remove them it may remain for teh rest of their lives but can go away
cervical cancer in women is casued by HPV
having a regular pap test can help detect it before it is deathly
the most common STi casued by teh bacteria in teh world
people whoa re sexually active should be checked
can be cured w/antibiotics
infected males experience painful urination discharge from peni
if untreated may lead to urethris
pelvic inflammatory disease
seriosinfection casued by chlamydia in the reproductive organs
lead to infertility or an ectopic pregnancy
femal can transmit it to her birthed baby
hepatitis b and c are sexualy transmitted and attack the liver
individuals are often unaware
most common symptoms- abdominal pain, nausea, jaundice, and fatigue
no cure and can be diagnosed through blood test
a bacterial STI that infect teh urinary tract of male sand females and the reproductive organs of females
males and females usually have thick puslike dischareg from penis and experience painful pea
women can transmit to baby during birth
prevention of an ee infection
genital herpes
herpes simplex is an sti
painul blisters and heir is no cure
can ransmit to baby and can pass the virus on to others even when no blisters are present
serios bacterial STI that progresses through threee differnt stages
1st stage
chancre- a painless sore appears at the site of exposure bactria may spread
2nd stage
sores appear in teh mouth and flulike symptoms develope a nonitch skin rash often appears on hands and feet
3rd stage
symptoms may dissapear the bacteria attack internal parts of teh body like briain ad heart can lead to death