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Name 6 things that relate to SOCIAL
1. How you get along with others
2. How you make and keep friends
3. Co-operate during work and play
4. Seek and lend support when necessary
5. Communication
6. Showing respect- self and others
Name 7 examples that relate to PHYSICAL health.
1. Diet
2. Exercise
3. Sleep
4. Medical check-ups
5. Breakfast
6. Refrain from smoking and other drugs
7. Weight
Lifestyle Factors
Lifestyle factors are personal behaviors and habits related to the way a person lives, that help his or her level of health.

1. get between seven to eight hours of sleep
2. Eat healthy
3. dont drink, smoke, or do drugs
4. eat breakfast
5. excercise 30 minutes three times a week
6. Do not use alcohol or other drugs
7. Maintain your recommended wieght
8. Control your emotions
9. Be friendly
10. Makeand keep friends
11. Have self- confidence
12. Be posotive
the combination of your physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being.
critical thinker
a persn who evaluates information and its source
the practicing healthy habits to keep a person well and free from disease and other ailments.
name 8 examples that relate to MENTAL/ EMOTIONAL
1. Positive
2. Love to learn
3. Your feelings
4. Learn through mistakes
5. Accept responsibility
6. Stand up for your beliefs
7. Show your feelings towards others
8. Deal with problems and frustrations