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function of the respitory system
gas exchange between you and your environment
external respiration
exchange of gases b/t your lungs and your bloodstream
internal respiration
exchange of gases b/t your blood and body cells
what is the movement of air into lungs?
1.nasal cavity
nasal cavity (3)
1. air iswarmed and cleaned by mucas membranes and cilia
2. mucas adds moisture to lungs
3. all upper air passages are lined w/ mucas membranes
trachea and bronchi (3)
1.lined w/ a mucas membrane and covered w/cilia
2.cilia are alwasy moving, keeping foreign particles from reaching lungs
3.trachea extends into teh chest and divides into 2 branches called bronchi or bronchile tubes - leads to lungs
lungs are enclosed by
pleura - enclose/protect with 2 layers of membranes
lungs are divided into..
lobes (right has 3, left 2)
each bronchi form tubes called
what are at the end of each bronchiole?
thin walled air sacs = alveoli
alveoli are surrounded by
what happens in the alveoli?
exchange of O2 and CO2
what is the movement of O2 and CO2?
O2 moves from alevoli to bloodstream, CO2 moves from bloodstream to alveoli to be exhaled
muscle separating chest and abdominal cavites
what happens in the diaphragm?
air gets drawn into lungs by diaphragm and chest cavity
process of inhaling (diaphragm)
1.all rib muscles contract
2.diaphram moves down
3.ribs pulled up and out
4.air comes into lungs
process of exhaling (diaphragm)
1.diaphragm relaxes and moves up
2.ribs move inward