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Cerebral perfusion pressure
Term for the difference between inflow and outflow (of cerebral blood perfusion)--the driving pressure for cerebral blood flow.
Intracranial pressure
The word for the pressure of CSF in the subarachnoid space. Determined by volume of the intracranial compartments. Normal is <15 mmHg.
Cerebral blood flow
Term for the flow of blood in the cerebrum, autoregulated by pCO2, BP, pH of blood and O2 levels
Contra-coup injury:
Contusions of the brain on the side opposite the site of a blunt trauma
any alteration of cerebral function caused by a force to the head resulting in: brief LOC, light-headedness, vertigo, H/A, nausea, vomiting, photophobia, cognitive dysfuncion, memory loss, tinnitus, blurred vision (one or more of above)
Post-concussive syndrome
condition in which patients continue to have complaints such as H/A, dizziness, inability to concentrate, memory problems
Rapid Sequence Intubation
The technique for intubation that optimizes the patient's physiology, prevents increased ICP and has the lowest complication rate.
Significance of a single fixed, dilated pupil
May indicate an ipsilateral intracranial hematoma with uncal herniation
Significance of bilateral fixed, dilated pupils
Suggest increased ICP with poor brain perfusion, bilateral uncal herniation, drug effect or severe hypoxia
Significance of bilateral pinpoint pupils
Suggest either opiate use or a pontine lesion