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Happens when heart is contracting.
Happens when heart is resting.
Sequence of Excitation
*A.K.A Pacemaker
*Electrical impulses begin in the corner of right atruim and travels through the myocardium of both atriums
Sinoatrial Node (SA Node)
A.K.A Secondary Pacemaker
*goes down through the interventricular septum
Atrioventricular Node
(AV Node)
Carries impulse to purkinjie fibers
Atrioventricular bundle: bundle of His
conveys impulse down the interventricular septum
Bundle Branches
*Specialized conduction type tissues
*Milks the ventricles causing myocardium to contract
Purkinjie Fibers
High in CO2 with Low O2;
towards the heart
Venus Side
Low CO2 with High O2;
away from the heart
Arterial Side
This type of congestive heart failure consist of:
*swollen ankles
*blood having a hard time getting to lower extremities because the Right ventricle isn't working
Right CHF
This type of congestive heart failure consist of:
*Pulmonary Edema
*Not getting rid of the blood from lungs so alveoli are filling up
Left CHF
What forms after the Arteries?
*Capillaries (where exchange takes place)
*Valves prevent backflow
*Leg movement pushes blood back up from lower extremeties
What are the three coats of an artery?
*Tunica Intima
*Tunica Media
*Tunica Adventicia
most internal coating in an artery
*A.K.A Endothelium
*Thin layer
Tunica Intimia
the middle coating in an artery, that contains smooth muscles
Tunica Media (muscularis)
*outermost coating in an artery
*Made of irregular FCT
Tunica Adventicia
*contains vaso vasorum
*"vessel of the vessel"
*contains blood vessels that feed the artery
Tunica Adventicia
What organ is the first to get oxygenated blood?
The Heart
What is the first branch of the aorta
Brachiocephalic (about 2 inches)
Bifurcates into the:
*Right common carotid
*Right subclavian (blood supply to the right arm)
What is the second branch of the aorta?
Left Common Carotid
What is the third branch of the aorta that supplies the left arm?
Left Subclavian
True or False
Artery distribution is not symmetrical at the aorta
*Carotid Sinus
*Carotid Body
Common Carotid Artery
Before the common carotid bifurcates, there is a swelling/bulging, what is it called?
Carotid Sinus
*It detects changes in the BP
*decrease in BP= heart beats stronger
Carotid Sinus
A group of specialized cells at the bifurcation that are sensitive to changes in partial pressure of O2 and CO2
Carotid Body
*Increase in CO2 and decrease in O2= heart beats faster
Carotid Body
At the level of the hyoid bone, what does the common carotid bifurcates into?
Internal and External Carotids
*Main Artery to supply the brain with blood
*It bifurcates and moves laterally through the carotid canal towards the base of the skull
Internal Common Carotid
Which common carotid do we deal with?
External Common Carotid
What keeps the blood from flowing in one direction?
Where does the right common carotid come from?
Where is the Aorta symmetrical at?
Aortic Arch
Lymphatic channels (vessels) have what?
one-way valves
How does lymph flow?
the muscle milks