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what is an example of an STD that cannot be cultured in the lab?
T. palladium (syphillis)
what's an example of an STD where the re-activated infection can be more severe than the primary infection
t. palladium
gardnerella stains what on Gram stain?
its gram-variable
which is the org that causes a fishy odor AND low pH when it infects?
bacterial vaginosis
what is a "yeast" infectino caused by
candida sp.
what org causing vaginitis is a/w loss of lactobacilli and overgrowth of mixed anaerobes and other ogs due to an imbalance of normal flora?
bacterial vaginosis
which is a parasite transmitted by sexual activity that causes vaginitis?
trichomonas vaginalis
does HBV respond to non-nucleoside agents or lamivudeine?
which determines the HIV setpoint - viral load or CD4?
viral load
what STD is characterized by solitary PAINLESS ulcers?
what STD may not be as obvious in females b/c it may be manifest in the cervix?
is HSV painful or not?
what is herpes commonly misdiagnosed as?
how can herpes be distinguished from canchroid?
herpes produces systemic sysmptoms (myalgias, fever)
canchroid does not
haemophilus ducreyi produces what?
is canchroid a/w painful/painless genital ulcers?
how can you distinguish cancroid from syphillis?
cancroid - painful ulcers
syphillis - painless ulcers
chars of chlamydia urethritis
inflammation of the urethra

-painful urination
-discharge (mucoid) from urethra
what does viral load measure?
the # of viral RNA mlcls per mL of blood
what is chlamydia's virulence mech
prevents phago-lysosomal fusion
what is an STD that changes it's surface Ag?
N. gonorrhea
total circulating # of CD4+ lymphocytes is the product of 3 things
1. wbc count
2. % of lymphocytes bearing the CD4+ marker
3. % of lymphocytes in the wbcs