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one may define one's membership in a family either through the father of the mother's line
establish household of own
conjugal nuclear family
a family system in which the key unit is the husband/wife pair.
consanguineal family
family system in which the strongest link is intergenerational, the father/son link, or mother/daughter children are expected to take care of their elders. obligation to family itself
one man may havee more than one wife
one woman has more than one husband
serial monogamy
one may have more than one spouse over one's lifetime, one at a time
husband and wife both ahve power in the family
5 social institutions found in all societies
religious, political, economic, educational, familial
functions of the family
1)socialization and acculturation of children.
2) division of labor between husband and wife.
3)adults find an outlet for their sexual needs
4)adults have place to produce and raise children
5) emotional support and companionship to all members
a complex molecule that contains genetic information
an individual's behavioral style and characteristic way of emotionally responding.