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What MHC molecule is required for development of a Th1 or Th2 response?
Antigen-MHC II complex must be recognized by a CD4 Th0 cell.
What is the result of a Th1 response?
Macrophage recruitment and activation.
What is the result of a Th2 response?
Ab formation.
What type of infection will require a Th1 response?
Infectious organisms that require phagocytosis and intracellular killing.
How is a Th1 response initiated?
The APC will take up a pathogen by its TLR that requires a TMMI response to be killed. The pathogen uptake results in the release of IL-12, which converts Th0 cells to the Th1 pathway. The antigen is now displayed by a MHC II on the APC, and Th1 cells will recognize this complex and become activated.
What cytokines does the committed Th1 cell release?
IL-2 and INF-ϒ.
IL-2 is a growth factor for Th1, CD8, and NK cells.
INF-ϒ is a potent macrophage activator and Th2 suppressor.
What are the sources of IL-2 during the initiation of the Th1 response?
Th1, CD8, T-regs, and NK cells.
What is the end result of a Th1 response?
TMMI - Macrophages are recruited and activated to kill the pathogen infected host cell, and the classic tetrad of cytokines is released to produce inflammation also.
What cytokines comprise the classic tetrad?
IL-1, IL-6, IL-8, and TNF-alpha.
What is the strategy behind a Th2 response?
Existence of an extremely small, soluble, extracellular antigen that may require Ab's for macrophages and neutrophils to recognize it.
What cytokine is absolutely necessary in the Th2 response?
IL-4, a growth hormone, which is usually released by Th0 cells that end up not being activated by IL-12 to form Th1 cells.
IL-4 and IL-10 will suppress the Th1 pathway.