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Discourse Meaning
1. Denotative: Objective, dictionary meaning
2. Connotative: Subjective, informal meaning
Communicative Meaning
Intention or goal behind the utterance. It is our responsibility to figure the utterance meaning out.
Relational Meaning
Relational distance and intimacy. Ex. When she calls her mom in the movie.
Situational Meaning
Physical and social context. We need to take into context of communication.
Convectional Meaning
Coordinate the verbal message with cultural norms.
Phonological Rules
The different excepted procedeures for combining phonemes or sounds of a language
Morphological Rules
Combining two words to make a different word. Ex. New and Comer = Newcomer
Syntactic Rules
Word sequence and grammar practices.
Semantic Rules
Features of meaning we attatch to words.
Pragmatic Rules
Contextual rules that govern language usage in culture.
Philosophical outlook or ways of perceiving the world. And how it affects thinkd and reasoning patterns.
Linear Worldviews
Emphasis rational thinking based on an objective reality. Western Model.
Inductive Reasoning
Refers to the inportance of facts and evidence to make claims. U.S. pattern. Specific to general. Crown Chinese is good food. All chinese restaurants are good.
Deductive Reasoning
Refers to the primacy of conceptual models/theories and then moves to specific points. European patter. General to specific. All chinese restaurants are good. Crown Chinese is good.
Relational Worldveiw
Reflects a holistic reasoning pattern. Avoids plorized ends. Asian Pattern. Global thinking.