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What does proteus mean?
A prophet.
What does protean mean?
Slippery or changing term in "Communication".
Define Communication.
When humans manipulate symbols to stimulate meaning in other humans.
What are the Characteristics of Communication?
1. Symbolic Process
2. Social Process
3. Invovles Co-Orientation
4. Invovles Interpertation
5. Invovles Sharing
6. Occurs in a context
What are some points of controversy in communcation.
1. Is it intentional or not? Is there a motive?
2. Is it planned? Or is it strategic or spontaneous?
What are the levels of Co-Orientation
1. My perspective - (I like X)
2. My Meta Perspective - (You think I like X)
3. My meta-Meta Perspective - (I think you think, i like X)
*When 1 & 2 are "=" then you are in Agreement
*When 3 is "True", then you have understanding.
Communication appears in what contexts?
1. Interpersonal
2. Group
3. Organizational
4. Intercultural
Action Theory is where..
You do things becuase you want to do them.
Behaviorism is where you..
don't know you are doing things.