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What is a Paradigm?
"Metatheory" A theory about theories.
What are the assumptions a set of theories make?
1. Covering Laws PErspective: How people see the world
2. Action Theory: Cause of peoples doings.
3. Sysetems Theory: Find interdependencies in variables.
What is Epistemology?
Concern with Discovery or inquiry about something. "aquistion of knowledge"
What is Ontology?
Concern with the anture of a Phenomina (Communication).
What is Axiology?
Value of purpose of activity. Goals.
What are the weaknesses of the Covering Laws?
1. Demphisis
2. Tends to be reductionaistic - simplifies to 1 or 2 variables.
What are the characteristics of ACTION THEORY?
1. Human Action is goal oriented (do out of desire)
2. Focus on humans interpertations and subjectivity (Axio).
3. Involves discovering human made rules (Epist)
4. Goal of Action Theory, Explanation and Understanding
The theory based on, what kinds of terms and labels people use to see their world?
Personal Construct Theory
What does CCM stand for?
Cooridinated Managament of Meaning
What are the characteristics of Systems Theory?
1. Human Behavior is Systemic
2. Systems are purposive teleological
3. Systems are hierarchical - order of systems
4. Goal of system is "Research Control"