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What is a theory?
A theory is a set of interrelated propositions that explain a phenomena.
What are the functions of theory?
1. Organise our experience
2. Extend Knowledge (add to body of wisdom)
3. Stimulate further research(Heuristic)
4.perform an anticicpatory Function (help predict)
How Do Theories Develop and change?
1. Extension
2. Intention
3. Scientific Revelution
How are theories tested? (disproof)
1. Formulate Hypothesis
2. Methods are designed (credible not = bias)
3. Data are collected
4. Findings are interpreted
How do you prove a theory?
You can only disprove one.
How is data collected?
1. Survey Research
2. Experiments
3. Observations
4. Textual Analysis
5. Oral Analysis
What are the Psychometri Standards? (must be assesed)
1. Reliability
2. Validity
What is Reliability?
1. Repeat ability of measures (you can repeat them with some results)
2. Time reliability
3. Interitem
4. Inter-rater
What is Validity?
Consistency of the measure with the definition of the concept.
How are theories evalutated?
1. Logically Consistent
2. Consisten with accepted facts
3. Theories should be testable (emprirically verifiable)
4. Theories should parsimonious (keep it simple stupid)
5. Theories should be useful
6. Theories should be Heuristic
What is Heuristic?
Of or constituting an educational method in which learning takes place through discoveries that result from investigations made by the student.