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adult day care
a daytime program of nursing care, rehab therapy, supervision, and socialization that complements informal care provided at home
alternative medicine
the broad domain of all health care resources, other than those intrinsic to biomedicine
ambulatory care
care rendered to patients who come to physicians' offices, outpatient depts, and health centers to recieve care.
case management
a method of linking, managing, and coordinating services to meet the varied and changing health care needs of elderly clients.
implies that patients do not visit specialists and are not admitted to a hospital without being referred by their primary care physicians.
a cluster of comprehensive services for the terminally ill with a life expectancy of six months or less.
palliative care
pain and symptom management area within hospice care
primary health care
plays a central role in health care delivery, universally accessable, essential and based on practical methods. Preventative approach to diseases
tertiary care
the most complex level of care that is needed for conditions that are relatively uncommon
urgent care centers
accept patients without appointments and offer a wide range of routine services on a first come first service basis
advance directives
the patient can express in advance his wishes reguarding continuation or withdrawl of treatment in the event that he becomes incompatent
average length of stay
the average number of days a patient stays in the hospital
the number of patients in a hospital on a given day
informed consent
basic patient right to make an informed choice regarding medical treatment, including the right to refuse treatment
general hospital
provides a variety of services and treats a variety of acute conditions
community hospital
a nonfederal, short-stay hospital whose services are available to the general public
specialty hospital
admits only certain types of patients or those with specified illnesses or conditions
teaching hospital
offers one or more graduate residency program approved by the AMA
the purchase of one organization by another
the provider is paid a fixed monthly sum per enrollee
horizontal integration
a growth strategy in which a health care delivery organization extends its core product or service
vertical integration
links services that are at different stages in the production process of health care
joint venture
when two or more institutions share resources to create a new organization to pursue a common purpose
a mutual agreement to unify two or more organizations into a single entity
PHO (physician hospital organizations)
a legal entity that forms an alliance between a hospital and local physicians and combines their services
utillzation review
the process of evaluating the appropriateness of services provided