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What is the structure of HCG like?
A glycoprotein w/ 2 subunits
what are the 2 subunits of HCG?
alpha - shared with FSH/GH
beta - the component unique to HCG
What produces HCG?
What fluids is HCG found in?
Serum - intact HCG
Urine - free Beta units
What are the functions of HCG?
1. To maintain the corpus luteum.
2. To induce steroid synthesis in the fetus.
How is HCG prodcued timewise in pregnancy?
1. Reaches detectable levels in serum w/in 1 wk of period missed.
2. Rises rapidly
3. Falls during 2nd trimester
List 5 cases in which HCG production is abnormal.
1. Hydatidiform mole
2. Choriocarcinoma
3. Testicular tumors
4. Ectopic HCG production
5. Non-trophoblastic tumors
Which abnormal case is benign?
Hydatidiform mole
List 4 types of assays for HCG
1. Bioassay
2. Immunoassay (1st gen)
3. Radioimmunoassay
4. Immunoassay (2nd gen)