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What are two internal recruiting processes?
Two internal recruiting processes include promotions /job transfers and current employee referrals.
Define Promotions/Job Transfers.
Many organizations choose to fill vacancies through promotions/job transfers from within whenever possible. As employees are promoted/transfer jobs, individuals must be recruited to fill their vacated jobs.
Define Current Employee Referrals.
A reliable source of people to fill vacancies is composed or acquaintances, friends, & family members of employees.
What are two external recruting processes?
Two external recruiting processes include media sources and labor unions.
Define Media Sources.
Media sources include newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and billboards.
Define Labor Unions.
Labor unions are a source of certain types of workers.
Define organization-centered career planning.
Organization-centered career planning focuses on jobs and on identifying appropriate career paths that provide for the logical progression of people between jobs in an organization.
Define individual-centered career planning.
Individual-centered career planning focuses on an individual's career rather than organizational needs. Factors include self-assessment, feedback on reality, and setting career goals.
What are some things company's help do to relocate couples?
Some things company's help do include: paying employment agency fees for relocating partner, paying for a number of trips to help partner look for a job, or helping partner find a job with the same company.
Explain employee development versus employee training.
Development differs from training. You can train people to run like machines. Development in areas such as judgement, responsibility, decision making, and communication presents a much bigger challenge.
Define Employee Performance Appraisal.
Employee performance appraisal is the process of evaluating how well employees perform their jobs when compared to a set or standards and then communicating that information to those employees.
List two areas that are evaluated in employee performance appraisals.
Quality of Output
Quantity of Ouput
List some of the different methods for performance appraisals.
Explain checklist.
Checklists use a list of statements or words. Raters check statements most representative of the characteristics and performance of employees.
Explain Ranking.
Ranking lists all employees from highest to lowest in performance.
Explain Essay.
Managers write a short essay on employee’s performance.
Explain Entitlement Orientation.
Entitlement orientation is when organizations give automatic increases to their employees every year.
Explain Performance Orientation.
Performance Orientation is when organizations do not guarantee additional or increased compensation simply for completing another year, instead pay & incentive reflect performance differences among employees.
What is pay equity?
Pay equity is equal pay for equal work.
What are three creative benefits that company's offer?
What are three required federal and state benefits?
Social Security
Wokers Compensation
Unemployment Insurance
What does COBRRA stand for?
Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
What does HIPAA stand for?
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Identify COBRA and HIPAA mandates that employers offer.
COBRA and HIPAA mandate that an employer continue health care coverage paid for by the employees after they leave the organization, and that most employees be able to obtain coverage if they were previously covered.
Define Contributory Pension Plan.
Money for pension benefits is paid in by both the employee and the employer.
Define Non-Contributory Pension Plan.
The employer provides all the funds for pension benefits.
List some vesting acronym.
Volunteer Executive Service Team
Identify the eight Myers-Brigg personality types.
1. Extraverted Sensing
2. Introverted Sensing
3. Extraverted Intuition
4. Introverted Intuition
5. Extraverted Thinking
6. Introverted Thinking
7. Extraverted Feeling
8. Introverted Feeling
Define Broadbanding.
Practice of using fewer pay grades having broader ranges than traditional compensation systems.
Define Red-Circled Employee.
An incumbent who is paid above the maximum range for the job grade.
Define Green-Circled Employee.
An incumbent who is paid below the range set for the job.
Current career trends are flatter and smaller. Why is this?
Smaller, flatter companies provide less room to move up. Changes in the way people work: more freelancing, more working at home, more job changes, more opportunity, but less security.
What does horizontal movement in an organization mean and how does it work?
Middle-management “ladder” now includes more horizontal rather than upward moves.
What are two strategies to remain viable in an organization?
Explain technical versus professional career ladders.
Many technical workers (engineers, scientists, IT experts) want to stay in their technical areas rather than enter management; yet advancement in many organizations frequently requires a move into management.