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When there is no drainage system. Waste water from kitchen flows directly to the ground, oftentimes forming a nearly permanent pool.
Waste water flows through a system of pipes (could be improvised from bamboo) to an open pit or canal.
Open drainage
Waste water flows through a system of closed pipes to an underground pit or covered canal.
Blind drainage
Garbage is used as hog feed.
Hog feeding
Refuse and/or garbage piled in a dumping place (with or without pit) with no soil covering.
Open dumping
Regularly piles refuse/garbage and later burned in the open air.
Open burning
Refuse/garbage is placed in a pit and covered when filled up. There is no intention to dig it up later for use as fertilizer.
Burial pit
Involves burying or stacking of alternating layers of organic-based refuse/garbage and “treated soil” arranged so as to hasten rapid decay and decomposition. This organic mixture can later be used as fertilizer.
Refuse/garbage collected by garbage truck or any type of _______ __________ in the community.
garbage collection
A ____ or box is used to receive the excreta and disposed later when filled.
Pail system
Consists of a pit covered by a platform with a hole. The hole is usually not covered. The platform may, in its simplest form, consists only of two pieces of wood or bamboo.
Open pit privy
A pit privy in which the hole over the platform or toilet floor is provided with a cover.
Closed pit privy
Consists of a deep (usually more than 10 feet) but relatively narrow (less than two feet in diameter) hole made with boring equipment.
Bored-hole latrine
The toilet house is constructed over a body of water (stream, lake or river) into which excreta is allowed to fall freely.
overhung latrine
The toilet house is elevated and the shallow pit is extended upwards to the platform (toilet floor) by means of a chute or pipe made of clay, metal, aluminum or board.
Antipolo type
An Antipolo type of toilet, bored-hole latrine or any pit privy wherein water-sealed toilet bowl is placed instead of the simple platform hole.
Water-sealed latrine
A toilet system where waste is disposed by flushing water through pipes (sewers) into a public sewerage system or into an individual disposal system like an individual septic tank.
Flush type