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cross contamination
contact with a contaminated person or object
direct contamination
the process whereby a spilled or released material physically contacts a person or thing; this is referred to as primary contamination
emergency decontamination (emergency decon)
4. rapid removal of contamination from a person or PPE in order to prevent or minimize health effects due to exposure to a material
formal decontamination
the deliberate, systematic, and thorough process for removing contaminants from persons and equipment leaving the hot zone
Decontamination Tactics
The two general means of decontamination are physical and chemical.
Physical decontamination methods
involve the actual removal of the contaminant physically from the contaminated equipment or person.
The common methods of physical decontamination are
Dilution, Absorption, Heat or freezing, Air flow, Disposal, etc.
Chemical degradation
is the process of chemically altering the contaminant’s identity in order to transform it into a less hazardous material. Chemical reactions can be both difficult and dangerous to control, and it is therefore not recommended for use on living tissue. Great consideration should be given before use on PPE encapsulated personnel.
Chemical methods of decontamination include:
Adsorption, Neutralization, Solidification, Washing, Disinfection, etc.
Terrorism/Mass Decontamination
· Designate and cordon off a holding area for contaminated personnel immediately
· Direct all contaminated personnel to the area
· Victims should be decontaminated as quickly as possible; modesty, however, should also be considered by the responders.