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Eight years later the United States government signed a treaty with Hawaii, an island nation in the Pacific that allowed Hawaiians to sell sugar in the United Syates duty free as long as they did not sell or lease territor to any foreign power.
Stronger nations attempt to create empires by dominating weaker nations.
An island nation off the coast of Floida,Cuba first rebelled against Spain in 1868.
William Randolph Hearst
William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer vied with one another to publish horrifying stories of "Butcher" Weyler and his barbed-wire concentration camps.
George Dewey
When President McKinley discovered what Roosevelt had done, he ordered most of the cables withdrawn, but he made and exception in the case of the cable directed to Admiral George Dewey.
San Juan Hill
Two months later, Theodore Roosevelt led a group of hastily organized volunteers called the "Rough Riders" in a charge up San Juan Hill, which became the most famous incident of the war.
Open Door Policy
In 1899 John Hay, now President McKinley's secretary of state, wrote notes to the major European powers trying to persuade them to keep an "open dorr" to China. He wanted to ensure through his Open Door policy that the United States would have equal access to China's nillions of consumers.
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt was energentic. Before becoming President, he was a historiam, politician, cowboy, buffalo hunter, crime fighter, reformer, and cavalrynam. His active and colorful lifestyle made him fanous the world over.
At that time Panama was a province of Colombia, a country in South America.
Roosevelt Corollary
In December 1904, Roosevelt issued a message to Congress that became known as the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monoroe Doctrine.
William Howar Taft
William Howard Taft, who succeeded Roosevelt in the White House, was not as aggrssive in pursuing foreign policy aims.
Dollar diplomacy
Although some of Taft's contemporaries mocke his approach, calling it dollar diplomacy.
Alfered T. Mahan
The most influential officers. Wrote the book The Influence of Sea Power in 1890.