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Sadie Delaney
-Eldest Sister
-High school science teacher
-Protests against discrimination in a silent, but determined way
Protested against discrimination outwardly
Amy Hill Hearth
-Helped co-write the book with the Delaney sisters
-Works for the New York Times
Henry Beard Delaney
-Born into slavery
-Believed in presentation
Bishop for the Escipoal church
Nanny James Logan
-Much like Bessie
-Traveled even when old
-Hard worker
-Matron at school
James Miliam
-Meanest looking man around
Martha Louise Logan
-Black, but not born as slave
-Enterpranaur (sold dairy products)
Manross Delaney
-7th child
-Served in WW1 and WW2
-Faced much discrimination
Hubert Delaney Bourne
-Political leader
-Participated in the NAACP
-Payed his way through college
Uncle Jesse
-Former slave that lived in abandoned St. Aug's school house
-Treated like family
-Every day he got 3 meals by the Delaney family
Booker T. Washington
-Activist for colored rights
-Spoke for Seperate, but equal
-Believed blacks would succeed through education
Robert E. Lee
-Surrendered to Grant
-General of confederate army
Rosa Parks
-Refused to move from the "white" section of the bus for a white man
Eleanor Roosevelt
-First lady of the U.S
-Advocate for Civil rights
Jim Crow
-What Jim Crow Laws were named after
Martin Luther King Jr.
-Believed strongly in civil rights for african americans
-Advocate for Civil Rights
-Famous I have a dream speech
Marian Anderson
-Most famous African American singer
-Important figure for black artists to overcome prejudice