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Who is McGonagall?
a professor
What did Dumbledore give to Harry on Christmas?
a cloak of invisibility
who convinced Harry not to go to the Mirror of Erised?
Dumbledore convinced him not to go
What does Harry recieve for Christmas?

A) a Weasley sweater
B) a cloak of invisibility
C) a letter/note
D) all of the above
D) all of the above
Who is Nicholas Flamel?
he is the only known maker of the sorcerer's stone.
What is the Nimbus Two Thousand?
its Harry's new broom
Who is Norbert?
a baby dragon that belongs to Hafrid.
Who is Madame Pomfrey?
a nurse
Who is the main character in the whole book?
Harry Potter
How does Hedgwick in a way help Harry Potter?
he sort of takes his mail back and forth
There are three "chasers" in what game?
What is the ball called in the game Quidditch?

A) The Ball
B) The Throwing Ball
c) the Quaffle
D) the Quakkle
C) the Quaffle
What is the Great Hall?
a place where they eat.(sort of like a cafateria)