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when was the Kansas Nebraska Act
How did the missouri compromise affect the Kansas Nebraska Act
Under the missouri compromise, the new territory would have to be free but southerners would not vote for a bill the created a free state.
Who introduced the bill for the Kansas Nebraska Act
Stephen douglas
What was the Kansas Nebraska Act
1. Devide Nebr. in 2 parts (Nebr & kansas.) 2. Use popular sovereignty to settle the slave issue 3. Ignored missouri compromise line
Who spoke out against the Kansas Nebraska Act
Abraham Lincoln
What was the Northern reaction to the Kansas Nebraska Act
slave power conspiracy-plot to turn all territories into slave states.
what was the southern reaction to the Kansas Nebraska Act
Popular sovereignty is the only fair way to settle the slavery issue
Bleeding Kansas-
election fraud
people from North and south pour into kansas territory
Bleeding Kansas-
what happened to the city of douglas
election fraud. 30 residents, 200 votes
Bleeding Kansas-violence
what were border ruffians
people from missouri came with guns and voted illegally, created a pro-slavery govt. Lawrence KS attacked by pro-slavery advocuts 5 dead
john brown
believed god called him to fight slavery
pottawamie massacre
relation for lawrence - john brown's posse pulled 5 people from their beds and killed them.
what did the pottawamie massacre trigger.
dozens of follow-up incidents - more than 200 people killed
violence in congress-
who was charles sumner
senator beaten with a cane by the nephew of another senator after giving an anti-slavery speech on kansas-nephew calls it liberal. southerners love this.
slavery compromises-
what was the line
set 3630' line in western territory
slavery compromises-
relation to mexico
neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall ever exist in any territory gained from mexico
slavery compromises
were they anti-slavery for moral reasons?
popular sovereignty-letting residents of the territories decided whether to be free or slaves
who wrote the 1850 compromise
Henry Clay
1850 compromise-
1. california - free state
2. utah and NM-PS
3. Texas border resolved, texas paid $10 Million
4. Washington DC- slave auctions illegal but slavery still legal
fugitive slave act- north must return escaped slaves
6. 1,000 dollar fine for helping slaves.
Dred Scott Case 1846- brief summary
Slave owner moved from slave state of Missouri to Free state then back to missouri. After the owner's death Dred Scott sues, saying he should have been freed when living in the free territory. Loses case in Missouri courts. Appealed to supreme state. The big question was "is he a citizen"
Dred Scott Case 1846-
Property laws
1. slaves are property, just like any other property
2. due process
Dred Scott Case 1846-
related to missouri compromise
The Missouri compromise ruled unconstitutional: any law forbidding slavery in the territories is unconstitutional because they are property.
Dred Scott Case 1846-
relating to citizenship
1. blacks, slave or free, are not citizens of the US.
Dred Scott Case 1846
distinction between citizenship in state vs. federal government
rights granted by a state don't apply in other states
2. no right to sue
3. 9 Supreme court justices, 7 from south, 5 had slaves! After case the sons by his freedom.