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Mr Avery
fat guy got stuck in window
Mr Underwood
guy who owned the newspaper, the guy who had the gun watching out for Atticus
Heck Tate
Sherrif - gave Atticus the gun to shoot the dog
Mr. Gilmer
Lawyer for Bob Ewell
Judge John Taylor
Judge for the Trial - he acts like he's asleep but he isn't
Dolphus Raymond
lived with the black people, had mixed children, drank coke
Tom Robinson
accused of raping Mayla Ewell
Bob Ewell
Drinks liar, threating people and dies by getting stabbed
Reverend Sykes
Minister of Cal Church
Mrs. Dubose
Old woman addicted to morphine
Mr. Cunningham
Walter's Father - the cunninghams pay back in barter
Mayla Ewell
Eldest of Ewell
Miss Stephanie Crawford
knows all about the Radley, town gossip, racist and a neighbor
Miss Maudie
flowers house burned down
Miss Caroline
The new teacher who is very pretty and doesn't undertand the ways of the town.