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aestus, us, m
boiling, tide
adnitor, i, sus
lean on, strugglw
corrumpo, ere, rupi, ruptus
spoil, ruin
libo (1)
touch, taste, pour
capesso, ere, ivi, itus
take, perform
disjicio, ere, jeci, jectus
scatter, disperse
eximo, ere, emi, emptus
take away, remove
exigo, ere, egi, actus
complete, pass
rependo, ere, i, ensus
balance, compensate
proruptus, a, um
furious, dashing
oppeto, ere, ivi, itus
meet, encounter
arcus, us, m
intono, are, ui, itus
roar, thunder
infestus, a, um
hostile, threatening
addo, ere, adidi, aditum
hide, bury
aevum, i, n
age, time, life
alvus, i, m
belly, body
eruo, ere, ui, utus
overthrow, tear up
asporto (1)
carry away from
mentior, iri, itus
decieve, lie, pretend
latebra, ae, f
hiding place, cavern, lair
ferus, i, m
beast, monster
demo, ere, mpsi, mptus
empty, take away
diripio, ere, ui, reptus
plunder, ravage
lenis, e
soft, mild, gentle
umbo, onis,
boss, knob, shield
lito (1)
sacrifice, appease
paciscor, i, pactus
bargain, stipulate
lustrum, i, n
marsh, bog, lair
labefacio, ere, feci, factus
shake, stagger
laena, ae, f
cloak, mantle
constantly, ever
in turn, by turns
suspicio, ere, cepi, ceptus
take up, rear
pareo, ere, i, itus
obey, yield
aufero, erre, abstuli, ablatus
take away, carry off
amarus, a, um
bitter, unpleasant
abigo, ere, egi, actus
drive, force
adisiduus, a, um
constant, unchanging
unquis, is, m
nail, claw
fremo, ere, ui, itus
shout, roar, groan
evado, ere, si, ?
pass over, go forth
eveho, ere, vexi, vectus
bear aloft
praesideo, ere, ui, xtus
rule, establish
accerso, ere, sivi, situs
summon, invite
lentus, a, um
pliant, tough, flexible
peragro, ere, egi, actus
traverse, finish
obsto, are, stiti, status
stand in the way, oppose (dat.)
perlego, ere, legi, lectus
survey, examine
prodeo, ire, ii, itus
dens, dentis, m
fluke, tooth
praeficio, ere, feci, fectus
set over
praecipio, ere, cepi, ceptus
anticipate, teach
perimo, ere, emi, emptus
peragro, ere, egi, actus
abstrudo, ere, si, sus
lacus, us, m
lake, marsh, mere
pendo, ere, didi, ditus
weigh out, pay
armus, i, m
shoulder, flank, side
fodio, ere, fodi, fossus
dig, pierce, spur
situs, us, m
position, neglect, mold
torvus, a, um
fierce, grim
queo, quire, quivi, quitus
be able, can
obvius, a, um
meeting, before
sentus, a, um
rough, thorny
meatus, us, m
course, path, running
subsido, ere, subrisi, subrisus
sink, fall, give way
crepitus, us, m
crashing, rattling
remitto, ere, remisi, remissus
concede, yield, grant