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teng2, hurts
wan3, bowl
zhu4, congratulations
pian1, sheets/writing
xi4, department
zang1, dirty
jiao3, horn
du2, read
leng3, cold
ying2, to win
tiao4, jump
ti1, kick
tui4, retreat
bian4 (pu3bian4=widespread, commonplace)
xie2, shoes
ju3, raise
ma1 (da2lai4la3ma1)
na4, battle cry
he1, to drink
wei4, hey/to feed
han3, shout
ji4, to send (mail)
luan4, disorderly
ji2, hurried
zhao3, look for
pai2, to pat
bao4, carry in arms
gua4, hang up
ting3, straight
jie1, receive
gai3, to change
shu4, number
qing2, clear weather
chao2, to face
ke1, measure for plants
lou2, house with more than one story
ci4, a time
tang1, soup
ping3, bottle