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What time will we get out if school is on a one or two hour delay?
Same Time
When absent how many days do you have to make up the work?
2 days
You are sick and miss a test. Where will you take the test?
During D-hall
Can you bring a drink in a glass bottle for lunch or snack? Yes or No
What are the needed procedures to sign out of school?
Parent must report to office-Name of Student, 2. Date, time reason 3. Photo Id or Social Security Number 4 Signed-Name must be on file
What does the Board of Education require from each student?
High Standard of Personal Conduct
What will students with excessive absences forfeit?
Off Campus Field Trips
What happens if you have "Perfect Attendance" for the whole year?
Win Big Buck and Neat Prizes
A student is to ill to attend school. Can the student still practice football or cheerleading or play in a game that day.T or F
What happens every 20 days if you have prefect attendance?
Win Prizes
What is the school's philosophy? Motto?
Each student should have the opportunity to develop his/her potential. Be the Best You Can Be
I bought a can drink and a snack cake for snack. I just put it in the class container. What wrong with this?
Snack must be in a lunch box or a bag with your name on it.
You arrive at school late. What does your parent do?
Come in and sign you in at the office
What should your parent do if you are being picked up for dismissal?
Stay in their car, Teacher will bring student to the car
Who is responsible for enforcing the rules and policies of the Handbook
Principal, Teachers and any employee of the school
I brought a drink in the lunchroom for snack? Where should I put it?
In the class container for snack
Where do you put your snack or lunch box when you arrive at school?
In the class container
You want to eat breakfast. What time must you be at school?
7:40 p.m.
What time is school dismissed?
Buses- 2:25 Walkers or Pick ups- 2"40
It snowed last night. How do we find out if the school will be open?
Listen to the radio/ Tv
What is the price of a Lunch? Reduced?
$1.30 Reduced .40