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What is the most common primary tumor of bone in the hand?
What are the typical radiographic features of an enchondroma?
A scalloped lytic lesion
What conditions are associated with enchondromas?
Ollier Disease (multiple enchondromas) and Maffucci syndrome (mult enchondromas associated with subcutaneous hemangiomas
What is the management of enchondromas?
Curettage of lesion. May require bone grafting.
What are the typical presenting symptoms of an enchondroma?
Usually asymptomatic, incidental finding on X-ray. May present as a pathologic fracture.
In what disease do you find an increase in the risk of malignant transformation of an enchondroma to a chondrosarcoma
Ollier's disease
Conditions associated with Ollier's disease include . . .
Multiple enchondromas, axial skeletal deformities, increased transformation of enchondromas to malignant chondrosarcomas
What is the most frequent malignancy of the hand?
Squamous cell carcinoma
How do you treat squamous cell carcinoma of the thumb?
Amputation of thumb at IP joint. Selective lymph node sampling may be beneficial.
What is a glomus tumor?
Benign hamartoma of neuromyoarterial receptors
What is the typical location of a glomus tumor?
What are the symptoms typically associated with glomus tumors
Exquisite pain, pinpoint tenderness, and cold intolerance
How do you diagnose a glomus tumor?
How are glomus tumors treated?
Simple excision - removal of nail plate. If subungual, make a longitudinal incision in nail plate.
What is the recurrence rate of glomus tumors after excision?
On which surface of the hand do epidermal inclusion cysts occur?
What is the treatment for epidermal inclusion cysts?
What are epidermal inclusion cysts?
Mobile, non-tender masses formed after trauma
What are the typical radiographic findings of a mucous cyst?
osteoarthritis with osteophytes
What is the treatment for a mucous cyst?
excision of the cyst and osteophyte
What physical findings are associated with mucous cysts?
Swelling and nail deformities (nail grooving and skin thinning) +/- pain.
What is the 2nd most common tumor of the hand?
Giant cell tumor of tendon sheath (pigmented villonodular tenosynovitis)
What physical findings are associated with giant cell tumors of the tendon sheath?
firm, indolent, painless volar mass on the surface of the finger or hand
What is the treatment for giant cell tumors of the tendon sheath?
Ray resection or en bloc removal combined with bone grafting
What is the local recurrence rate of giant cell tumors of the tendon sheath after total surgical excision?
What hand tumor starts as a red papule that expands?
Keratoacanthoma is a variant of what malignancy?
Squamous cell carcinoma
What is the treatment of keratoacanthoma?
Excisional biopsy
What hand tumor is associated with immunosuppressed patients?
What is the most common benign tumor of the hand?
Ganglion cyst
How do you treat ganglion cysts of DIP?
Debride osteophyte, not ganglion.
What are the radiographic findings of a chondromyxoid fibroma?
Radiolucent lesion with small sclerotic rims
What is the most common solitary hand tumor of neural cell origin?
What is the most common source of metastatic tumors to the hand?
Bronchogenic carcinoma of the lung
What hand tumor presents with pain at night that is relieved by NSAIDs?
osteoid osteoma
Osteoid osteoms typically occur in what age group?
under 40
What are the radiographic findings associated with osteoid osteomas?
Radiolucent zone with dense nidus surrounded by a distinctive area of cortical sclerosis
What is the treatment of osteoid osteomas?
Complete excision
Whatmors is the inheritance pattern of osteochondromas?
Autosomal dominant
What is the treatment for osteochondromas?
Resection of all tumors with reconstructive surgery to repair any bone or joint malalignment