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Soo Doh Choong Dahn Mahk Kee
Knife hand middle block
Choong Dahn Kong Kyuck
Middle Punch
Heng Jin Kong Kyuck
Side punch, horse stance
Pah Keh So/Ahn Woo Ro Mahk Kee
Outside/Inside Block
Pahl Koob Chee Kong Kyuck
Elbow attack
Ssahng Soo Hah Dahn Mahk Kee
Two fist low block
Ssahng Soo Sahng Dahn Mahk Kee
Two fist high block
Soo Doh Hah Dahn Mahk Kee
Knife hand low block
Ssahng Soo Choong Dahn Mahk Kee
Two fist middle block
Sahng Dahn Kong Kyuck
High Punch
Soo Doh Sahng Dahn Mahk Kee
Knife hand high block
Choong Dahn Mahk Kee
Middle Block
Yuk Soo Do Kong Kyuck
Ridge hand attack
Yuk Jin Kong Kyuck
Reverse punch with back stance
Hah Dahn Mahk Kee
Low Block
Kwan Soo Kong Kyuck
Spear hand attack
Tro Choong Dahn Kong Kyuck
Reverse Punch
Sahng Dahn Mahk Kee
High Block
Ahn Neh So/Pah Woo Ro Mahk Kee
Inside/Outside Block