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antagonist-new king of Denmanrk-killed King Hamlet-married Gertrude-tried to kill Prince Hamlet-killed by Hamlet
Hamlet's mother-Queen of Denmark-marries her brother in law (Claudius)-killed by drinking poison intended for Prince Hamlet
Counselor to King Claudius-father of Ophelia and Laertes-Claudius-chief spy against Hamlet-killed accidently by Hamlet
The Ghost
spirit of King Hamlet-tells Prince Hamlet he must avenge his death-killed by his Claudius
Prince of Denmark-30 years old-son of King Hamlet and Getrude-studying at the University in Wittenburg-returns to Elsinore Castle (his home) because of his father's death (KIng Hamlet)
Hamlet's one true friend-attend the university with Hamlet-Hamlet entrusts him to tell the true story after his death
daughter of Polonius-Hamlet's love interest-sister of Laertes-betrays Hamlet at her father's insistence-kills herself by drowning
son of Polonius-brother of Ophelia-seeks revenge aginst Hamlet after he mistakeningly kills Polonius-tries to kill Hamlet in a duel with a poison cuop of wine and a poisoned sword-killed by his own poisonous swrod in the duel with hamlet
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
former university friends of Hamlet-brought to Elsinore by Claudius-Claudius' prawns in his attempt to assisinate Hamlet-betray Hamlet-killed by English king because Hamlet changed his step-father's (Claudius) instructions which said to kill Hamlet
Prince of Norway-his father was killed by King Hamlet-his uncle took hs place on the throne of Norway-he is Hamlet's choosen successor to the throne of Denmanrk after Claudius and Hamlet's death