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* to have in the sense of possesion
yo tengo visa para trabajar en EE UU
Tener que

* Tener que followed by an infinitive mean to have to. It expreses obligation
Tenemos que encontrar una solución.

we have to find a solution

* Used in the third person sigular as hay. It is equivalent of there is, there are
Hay muchos chicanos en California.
Haber + Que

* can also be used with que to indicate necessity without indicating who is performing the action
Hay que leer el artíulo sobre la inmigración.

The article about immigration has to be read.

* used to report a request for something or to request someone to do something
El INS nos pide los nombres de nuestros empleadors

the INS is requesting the names of our employees.

* used to report a question or to request information
Usted quiere una visa de seis meses?

Me pregunta si quiero una visa de seis meses.

do you want a six month visa

he asks if I want a six month visa

Por favor, pregunta en el consulado el horario de
atención al público.

Please ask the Consulate what hours they serve the public.
Preguntar por

* used to inquire about a person
La gobernadora pregunta por el cónsul

The governor is asking for the consul