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Renered trite or commonplace by frequent usage
Hackneyed (adj)
Calm and peaceful, prosperous
Halcyon (adj)
To set apart as holy
Hallow (v)
To deliver a loud, pompous speech or tirade
Harangue (v)
To distress, create stress or torment
Harrow (v)
Devotion to pleasurable pursuits, especially to the pleasure of the senses
Hedonism (n)
The consistent dominance or influence of one group, state, or ideology over others
Hegemony (n)
Violating accepted dogma or conventino, unorthodox
Heretical (adj)
Airtight, impervious to outside influence
Hermetic (adj)
Unorthodox, heretical, inconoclastic
Heterodox (adj)
Hairy, shaggy
Hirsute (adj)
A sermon or marally instructive lecture, a platitude
Homily (n)
Arrogant presumption or pride
Hubris (n)
An exaggerated statement, often used as a figure of speech
Hyperbole (n)
The art of preaching
Homiletics (v