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An underlying assumption in the concept of descriptive representation is that...?
Minorities can be effectively represented by only people of their kind
What is an argument in favor of term limits?
Incumbant member of Congress have enormous enhernt advantages that make elections unfair and ultimately thwart the will of the people
If the president neither signs nor vetoes a bill within 10 days WHILE Congress is in session, the bill...?
Becomes a law
THe advantage of incumbancy may be less in the Senate than in the House b/c?
Senate seats attract better known challengers than do house seats
The growth in the staffs of reps, senators, and committees has resulted in...?
An increasein oversight of executive branch agencies.
Most democrats outside of the US have...?
Parlaimentary Systems
Compared with the leaders of the past the leaders of the senate today...?
Are more likely to lead through agreement and concensus building.
Th enumber of women serving in the Congress...?
has increased dramatically following the last few elections
In the 1980's Congress and the Supreme Ct encouraged states to...?
Consider race in an affirmative way in drawing district lines
In his first term Newt Gingrich's style of Speaker of the House was...?
Similar to that of the powerful speakers of the first half of teh 20th century