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Majority leader
Th ehead of teh majority party in the Senate, the second highest ranking member of the majority party in the house
A legislature whose primary responsibility is to represent the majority view of his or her constituents, regardless of his or her own view.
Redrawing a congressional district to intentionally benefit one political party
Joint Comittee
A committee made up of members of both the house and the senate
Conference Comittee
A temporary committee created to work out differences between the house and senate versions of a specific piece of legislation
The mechanism by which a filibuster is cut off in the Senate
Descriptive Representation
A belief that constituents are most effectivey represented by legislatures who are similar to them in ways such as race, gender, relegion...
Speaker of the House
The presiding officer of the House of Reps
Parliamentary System
A system of gov in which the chief executive is the leader whose party holds the most seats in the legislature after an election or whose partyu forms a major part of the ruling coalition
A rep who is obligated to consider the views of constituents but is NOT obligated to vote accordingly.
the process of revbiewing the operations of an agency to determine whether it is carrying out policies as congress intended
people who live and vote in a gov officials district or state
Racial Jerrymandering
The drawing of a legislative district to maximize the chances that a minority candidate will win election
the Presidents disapproval of a bill that has benn passed by both houses of Congress.Congress can override a veto with a 2/3 vote in each house.
Select Committee
A temporary congressional committee created for a specific purpose and disbanded after that purpose is fulfilled
Redistrubition of representatives among the states, based on populationmovement. Congress does this after each census (10 yrs)