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Split Ticket
Voting for different candidates from diff parties for diff offices.
Straight Ticket
Voting all offices for one political party
Primary Election
A preliminary election conducted within a political party to select candidates who will run for public office in a subsequent office.
Open Election
An election that lacks an incumbant
First-Past the Post Election
A British term for elections conducted in single-member districts that award victory to teh candidate with the most votes
Blanket Primary
A Primary election in which voters recieve a ballot containing both parties' potential nominees and can help nominate cendidates for all offices for both parties.
Federal Election Comission
FEC: A federal agency that oversees the financing of national election campaigns
General Election
A national election held by law in November of every even-numbered year
Open Primary Election
A primary election in which voters need not declare their party affiliation but must choose one parties primary ballott to tke into the booth.
Local Caucus
A methos used to select delegates to attend a parties natl convention. A local meeting selects delegates for a county meeting and so on. Th eprocess culminates in a state convention that selects the delegates for teh natl convention
Closed Primary
A primary election where voters must declare their party affiliation before they are given the primary ballot containing that parties potential nominees
Presidential Primary
A special primary election used to select delegates to attend the parties natl convention which in turn nominates the presidentail candidates.