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Enumerated Powers
Powers explicitly granted to Congress bt the Constitution
A form of Gov in which power resides in the people and is exercised by tehir elected rep.s
Supremacy Clause
The clause in Article 6 of teh Constitution that asserts that nationla laws take precedence over state and local laws when they conflict.
Implied Powers
The powers that Congress requires in order to execute its enumerated powers
Seperation of Powers
The assignment of law-making, law-enforcing, and law-interpreting functions of seperate branches of govnt.
Bill pf Rights
First 10 Ammendments to the Constitution. Prevent the Natl government from tampering with fundamental rights and civil liberties and emphasize the limited character of teh natl government.
The division of power between a central gov and regional gov.s
Social Contract Theory
The belief that the people agree to set up rulers for certain purposes and thus have the right to remove rulers who act against those purposes.
Gov w/out a monarch. Rooted in the consent of the governeed, whose power is exercised by elected rep.s responsible to the government.
Executive Branch
The law enforcing branch of gov
Decleration of Independence
Drafted by Thomas Jefferson, the document that proclaimed the right if the colonies to seperate from Great Britian
Articles of the Confederation
The first official US government
Great Comprimise
AKA Conn. Comprimise
Submitted at the Convention of 1787, a plan the called for a bicameral legislature in which the House of Reps would be apportioned according to population and the states would be represented eqally in the Senate.
Necessary and Proper Clause
AKA Elastic Clause
Last clause in Section 8 of Article 1 of teh Constitution. Gives Congress the means to execute its enumerated powrs. It is the basis for Congress's implied powrs.
1 Judicial

2 Legislative
1 Branch that interprets the laws

2 Branch that makes the laws