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Representative Democracy is truly democratic only if it follows what principle?
Government responsiveness, Universal Participation, and Political Equality (All of these)
What manipulates and misleads popular opinion through powerful speech?
Institutuinal mechanismsare the way in which democratic societies?
Translate the will of the people into specific policies.
Deliberative Democracy
The model of democracy in which citizens and their elected representatives exercise reasoned and full debate on question of public policy.
The theory of pluralist democracy is most closely associated with whom?
John Locke
Majoritarian Model of Democracy
The classical theory of democracy in which government by the people is interpreted as government by the majority of the people
Pluralist thoery holds that the public is best served if government?
Provides access for a variety of competing groups.
Participatory Democracy
A way of meeting the 3 principles in which all members of the group meet to make decisions. They observe political equality and majority rule.
According to the pluralist model democracy is carried out by means of?
A mass electorate and responsive gov officials.
Representative Democracy
A system in which citizens participate in government by electing officials to make decisions on their behalf.
In 1993 Clinton staffed his new administration with members of the political and economic establishment. This decision tends to support teh view of those who see the US as what kind of system?
Elitist System
Govnt system in which one individual has the power to make all important decisions. Ex. Iray under Sadam Huessin
What country allows referenda at the national level?
The idea that elected public officials will respond to public opinion in their decision making
Basic criteron of substantive democracy is that government must guarantee what?
Civil Rights and Liberties
Rule by the people. Ex. US, Britian, France, many other Western European countries
One of the weaknesses of the procedural model of democracy is that?
it permits policies that violate standards of substantive democracy
Govnt power is put in the hands of the elite. Used to be major land owners or nobility, now it is often military leaders.
Many observers of the American politics contend taht the majoritartian modle is not a good description of our systen because?
A majority of American citizens are ignorant of or disinterested in politics.
Majority Rule
The principle that a group should decide what to do based on what 50% wants.
A majority of properly chosen representatives vote to impose relegious observances on all citizens regardless of their personal beliefs. This action violates the principles of what?
Substantive Democracy
Elite Theory
The view that a small group of people actually makes most of the important government decisions
Substantive Democratic Theory
Focuses on the substance of gov policies not on the procedures followed on making the policies. The core of substantive principles are embraced in the Bill of Rights and the Ammendments.
Minority Rights
The benefits of government that cannot be denied to any citizen by majority decisions
A process of transition as a country trie to move from an authoritarian form of government to a democratic one.
Procedural Democratic Theory
Four principles that list how gov should make decisions. The principles adress three direct questions:
1 Who should make decisions?
2 How much should each vote count?
3 How many votes neededd?
Universal Participation
The idea that the theory of democracy itself doesnt disclude any adults from participation
Pluralist Model of Democracy
An interpretation of democracy in which government by the people is takebn to mean government by people operating through competing interest groups.