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Freedom of
An absebce of constraints
People whose political ideology favors a narrow scope for gov. Those who favor freedom more than equality but would restrict freedom to preserve order.
Democratic Socialism
Socialist form of government that guarantees civil liberties, freedom of speech and relegion. Citizens determine the extent of gov activity through free elections and competitive political parties.
A political philosophy that advocates unlimited power for the government to enable it to control all sectors of society
Those who adhere to the viewpoint that affirms the individuals responsibility to the community and assigns to the gov. the the role of guaranteeing equality and moral order.
The system of govnt that favors free enterprise (privately owned businesses operating w/out gov regulation)
People who favor a broad scope for gov. Those who value freedom more that order but not more than equality
Political Equality
One vote per person, with all votes counted equally.
Form of rule, the central gov plays a strong role in regulating existsing private industry and directing the economy, it does allow some private ownership of productive capacity.
Social Equality
Equality in wealth, status, and education
A political philosophy that opposes government in any form
The rule of law to protect life and property. Its the oldest purpose pf government.
The benefits of government to which all citizens are entitled.
Laissez Faire
An economic doctrine that opposes any form of gov intervention in business

Political ideology that is opposed to all gov intervention except as necessary to protect life and property.